Beginner Spearfishing Course

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Frustrated why you aren't improving in your spearfishing? Having issues with your equipment? Then this Beginners Spearfishing course is for you. Our goal is to help you take the pain out of getting into a new sport.

When taking part in our beginner spearfishing course, you can expect to learn everything you need to know about:

  • Equipment. From your goggles to your fins, understanding the basics of what the different lengths of spearguns are for and much more. 
  • Hunting techniques (Reef hunting, blue water spearfishing). Different environments require different approaches, so you can make the most out of each hunt by being prepared.
  • Local fish species. Knowing what to look for, you can be specific in your spearfishing sessions.
  • Dive planning. Helping you assess the conditions and area so that you can safely make a plan for your dive.
  • Dive safety. We discuss some issues you might have and how to mitigate these risks. 
  • Reading weather charts. Once you’re confident enough in your hunting abilities, we help you read weather charts so that you can look at the weather charts and have a good idea of what the conditions might be like at the beach. 

Why Have Us Teach You Spearfishing Basics?

By working closely with our knowledgeable and friendly instructor, you have the convenience of knowing that you can ask questions and retain more information. This course is a three-hour online theory session with a maximum of 3 students. We can offer a specialised course to match your goals and learning objectives by keeping our classes more intimate.