We offer various PADI & Molchanovs Freediving courses, Freediving Retreats and Spearfishing courses to suit all levels.




“Really Impressed”

“I was really impressed from start to finish with the whole course, especially with the extra one-on-one attention that was provided to divers who needed help. As a result, I am now a more relaxed and safer diver, holding my breath longer and more comfortably than ever. I believe this course has something to teach everyone, new or old.”

Leigh Dowell

“Course was fantastic”

“Eckart’s instruction, encouragement and guidance on our course was fantastic! Highly recommended”

Clementine Docherty

“Highly Recommended”

“I recently completed the basic free diver course . Eckart is full of knowledge and wisdom and is well capable of getting that knowledge across to his students . My free diving has greatly improved by doing this course and I highly recommend doing it.”

Sean Maher

“Amazing Diver & Teacher”

“Amazing diver and teacher. Despite it being a group session, it really felt one-on-one with Eckart and he creates a safe community for beginners and caters to everyones needs.”

Thomas Tang




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