Guided Spearfishing Dive

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Frustrated why you aren't improving in your spearfishing? Having issues with your equipment? Then this Guided Spearfishing course is for you. Our goal is to help you take the pain out of getting into a new sport.

This is the next step in your spearfishing journey as you go on a guided one-on-one dive with one of our elite instructors. Taking all our theory that we taught in the Beginners Spearfishing Course and putting it into a practical format. 

This is a great opportunity to work out the practicalities of dive planning and executing your hunting techniques under close supervision. We will aim to help you work on your techniques and help you become a more successful spearfisher.

Before the dive we have a briefing on dive planning & techniques and we can customise the dive to some of the goals you might have in terms of learning outcomes. After the dive we will have a full debrief about the dive and your skills; giving you tips and tricks on improving and becoming a safer diver. We will also send you a short video clip of your diving assessing some of the skills. 


Why Have Us Teach You Spearfishing Basics?

By working closely with our knowledgeable and friendly instructor, you have the convenience of knowing that you can ask questions and retain more information. We can offer a specialised course to match your goals and learning objectives by keeping our course in a one-on-one platform.