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Albacore 130 is the most powerful gun of the Abellan range. It has a 8,5x1700mm shaft with 750gr of weight, at 27,5m/s average speed in 5m range from the tip of the spear. Able to shoot at 8m max range, it is the perfect choice for big reef fish such as cubera or tropical grouper, and pelagic fish like southern bluefin tuna, wahoo, dogtooth tuna, dorado, yellowtail, amberjack.


Its long range with a flat shot, combined with its light weight (compared to usual blue water guns), makes it a very comfortable gun with great manoeuvrability, accuracy and with enough power to land big fish.

The new 2016 version brings some new changes but keeping the typical features of the Denton series. We modified the shape of the wooden barrel giving more mass to the back part, which improves both hydrodynamics for lateral movements and recoil absorption, allowing for a more powerful set up.