Social/ Fun Freedives in Port Philip Bay

Have you done your freedive course and not sure what to do? This is a great opportunity for certified freedivers to join one of our monthly social freedives in Port Philip Bay. We at Salt Sessions Freediving want everyone to be freediving as much as possible and that it why we started hosting our social dives. 

What to Expect:

  • A Welcoming Community. Salt Sessions Freediving is all about building a community of like minded individuals with a passion for the ocean and freediving. Come and grow your freedive community and meet fellow freedivers to go diving with. 
  • Freediving in Melbourne throughout the whole year. Enjoy the ever changing bay as we go through the different seasons of the year. There is so much to see in each season and come and learn about freediving in Melbourne and the things that makes that unique. 
  • Scallops! Need I say more?! Enjoy the challenge of finding these tasty treats while we are exploring the bay and cook up a special feed when you get home with the rewards from the dive! 
  • Affordable. At Salt Sessions Freediving we wanted to provide a platform for students to come and practice their diving and have a bit of fun! We designed these social dives to be affordable and cost effective way for you to come and have a boat dive in Port Philip Bay. 

How to Join?

sign up on the website to any of our upcoming social freedive sessions on the link.

If you don't have the right equipment, you can hire the equipment for the dive. 


Written by Eckart Benkenstein